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SAF-T verification for the companies

Check the correctness: JPK_V7, JPK_FA, JPK_KR, JPK_MAG

Watch the video and find out how the SAF-T verification program works

SAF-T data tester is a desktop application for testing SAF-T files. The tool identifies inconsistencies in the technical area and, most importantly, allows to verify the consistency of the reported data and to check the TIN numbers of Polish contractors with the White List of the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the JPK V7M file.


XML verification

The application allows to verify xml file against the following structures: JPK_FA(3), JPK_FA(4), JPK_KR(1), JPK_MAG(1), JPK_V7M(1), JPK_V7M(2) published by the Ministry of Finance.

Export from SAF-T

Additionally, data export from SAF-T to MS Excel or csv format.

Additional tests

Possibility to implement additional/dedicated tests.

Verification of TIN numbers with the White List

The application allows you to check the TIN numbers of Polish contractors with the White List of the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the JPK V7M file.

  • Over 170 expert data tests and automatic detection of potential non-compliance areas.


SAF-T data tester will allow you to make sure that you report the right way. Automatic tests and clear report of the results will allow for efficient and quick identification of discrepancies.


Easy to use, automatic tests, comprehensive report.


Increased reliability of SAF-T reporting.


Identification of potential areas of incompatibility in SAF-T.


Tests prepared by PwC specialists in the areas of tax, analysis and accounting.

Marcin Sidelnik

SAF-T structures require very detailed data and the data comes from many different sources and often from many systems. The correctness of data included in the SAF-T must be verified not only from the technical point of view, but also in terms of its consistency and compliance with the tax requirements.

Marcin Sidelnik, Partner at PwC Polska

Implementation process


Agreeing on technical requirements


Provision of the installation file


A brief training session about the tool


The presented remuneration includes the initial fee and fixed fees under the license agreement as well as optional additional services.

Initial license
12 - 14K PLNOne-off fee
  • Initial license for one module (selected SAF-T):
    12K PLN
  • Initial license for all modules (JPK_V7M, JPK_KR, JPK_MAG, JPK_FA):
    14K PLN


License renewal
11 - 13K PLNAnnual license fee
  • License extension for one module (selected SAF-T):
    11K PLN
  • License extensions for all modules (JPK_V7M, JPK_KR, JPK_MAG, JPK_FA):
    13K PLN

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