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Application for SAF-T & tax automation

Process improvement: VAT, CIT, SAF-T, whitelist, payment gridlock, e-Financial Statements, structured invoices, VAT Groups

Taxolite is a tax reporting tool

Taxolite application has been developed to enable the implementation of tax reporting even in the most complex system structures. It can be integrated with other data sources and ERP software, without the need to make changes to the system environments.
The tool allows, among others, to streamline tax settlement processes in terms of calculation, declaration, Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) both for one entity and in the case of the VAT Group, as well as e-Financial Statements, payment gridlock and structured invoices.

Taxolite tax automation modules

Taxolite is available for implementation on the client's premises. The modules can be purchased individually, in any configuration. The software is recommended for medium and large enterprises.

addVAT module
VAT calculations and declarations + white list
  • Calculation and preparation of JPK_V7, calculation of JPK_VAT and VAT-7 declarations
  • VAT-UE summary information
  • Verification of VAT taxpayers with the White List
  • Possibility of verification against both the file and the MF API
createCIT module
Tax calculations resulting from the CIT Act
  • Annual CIT calculation
  • Allocation by income sources
  • Tax calculations for investment tax exemptions/SEZ
  • Calculation of the cost limit under article 15c and 15e
  • Customized reports
  • CIT-10Z –  amount of withholding tax paid
  • IFT-2 – payments for services subject to withholding tax
paymentPayment gridlock module

Reporting in terms of payment gridlock

  • Integration with various data sources
  • Individual logic
  • Data gathering for reporting purposes
  • Calculation of potential sanctions


verified_userModule SAF-T upon request
Preparation and verification of data for Standard Audit File for Tax
  • Data collection
  • Data verification
  • SAF-T generation
  • SAF-T tests
  • SAF-T submission
listE-financial statement module
Generating e-financial statements
  • Convenient template for data submission
  • Verification of compliance of the generated file with the technical requirements
  • Visualization of selected data included in the e-financial statement
  • Data tests for e-financial statement
assignmentStructured invoices module

Outgoing invoices

  • Possibility of integration with various data sources
  • Dedicated business logic
  • Automatic xml creation for structured invoices
  • Technical and logical validations
  • Integration with KSeF, statuses

Incoming invoices

  • Integration with KSeF
  • Adaptation of the format to the capabilities of the ERP system


descriptionVAT Groups module

Calculation and generation of JPK_V7 and additional evidence

  • Collection of VAT Group data for joint VAT reconciliation
  • Collection of data for individual Group members
  • Calculation and generation of JPK_V7 for the VAT Group
  • Calculation and generation of additional reporting for Group members
  • Ability to calculate the tax to be deducted in the VAT Group in the case of pro-ratio and ratio
  • Dedicated reports on flows between VAT Group members
  • We have supported the automation of tax reporting for several hundreds of companies.
  • We have implemented Taxolite for over 40 clients.
  • Our services have reached at least 500 companies and our solutions are used by several hundreds of users.


Safety in tax reporting

Due to the possibility of testing and storing data.

Simpler tax and SAF-T reporting

Sending declarations from the application directly to the Ministry of Finance.

Monitoring legal changes and declaration updates

As part of the purchased module, we offer consulting services and adjust the program to the changes in regulations.

Time saving for the reporting processes

Data is accumulated in one place.

Adaptation to individual calculation and declaration needs

The application allows to simultaneously supply different data sources and edit calculation schemes.

Implementation without interference with other systems

The application is independent from accounting and financial systems and does not require them to be modified.

Marcin Sidelnik

Regular tax reporting is now an obligation and a result of cooperation between the organization's experts and tools.

Marcin Sidelnik, Partner in PwC Polska


The modules can be purchased individually, in any configuration.

E-financial statement module
from 25K PLNOne-off fee
The price includes:
  • Software license
  • Training
Payment gridlock module
from 80K PLNOne-off fee

The price includes:

  • License and installation
  • Analysis 
  • Development of dedicated business logic
  • Support with testing and training

Additionally, an overlay Smart BI Platform - Payment gridlock can be added to the module. The add-on allows for ongoing monitoring of the status of payment gridlocks to support management and analysis of upcoming payments and liabilities as well as the other areas related to working capital.


Structured invoices module
from 100K PLNOne-off fee

The price includes:

  • License and installation
  • Analysis 
  • Development of dedicated business logic
  • Support with testing and training


VAT Group module
from 40K PLN*One-off fee

The price includes:

  • License and installation
  • Analysis 
  • Development of a custom business logic
  • Preparation of necessary calculations, records and reports
  • Test support and training
*For existing Taxolite clients with the VAT module: from 40K PLN
For new Taxolite clients who do not have the VAT tax module: from 60K PLN

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