Application for SAF-T & tax automation

Process improvement: VAT, CIT, SAF-T, whitelist, payment gridlock, e-Financial Statements, structured invoices, VAT Groups

Taxolite is a tax reporting tool

Taxolite application has been developed to enable the implementation of tax reporting even in the most complex system structures. It can be integrated with other data sources and ERP software, without the need to make changes to the system environments.
The tool allows, among others, to streamline tax settlement processes in terms of calculation, declaration, Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) both for one entity and in the case of the VAT Group, as well as e-Financial Statements, payment gridlock and structured invoices.

Why is it worth choosing our support?

Regular tax reporting is now an obligation and a result of cooperation between the organization's experts and tools.

We have supported the automation of tax reporting for several hundreds of companies.

We have implemented Taxolite for over 40 clients.

Our services have reached at least 500 companies and our solutions are used by several hundreds of users.


Safety in tax reporting

Due to the possibility of testing and storing data.

Simpler tax and SAF-T reporting

Sending declarations from the application directly to the Ministry of Finance.

Monitoring legal changes and declaration updates

As part of the purchased module, we offer consulting services and adjust the program to the changes in regulations.

Time saving for the reporting processes

Data is accumulated in one place.

Adaptation to individual calculation and declaration needs

The application allows to simultaneously supply different data sources and edit calculation schemes.

Implementation without interference with other systems

The application is independent from accounting and financial systems and does not require them to be modified.