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Application for the automation of CIT settlements

CIT calculations automated

Taxolite is a tax reporting tool

The Taxolite application was created to enable the implementation of tax reporting even in the most complex system structures. The Taxolite application is equipped with a CIT module, in which CIT calculations may be performed, covering withholding tax, investment allowances and division into sources of income.

Taxolite - your support for tax reporting

The growing role of process automation in the relations between the Ministry of Finance and the taxpayer, and the trend of tax proceedings we observe, indicate that the Ministry of Finance treats the CIT area as a priority. This is evidenced by, in particular, the amendment to the CIT Act, which introduces the obligation to prepare and publish information on tax strategies for larger taxpayers. This step is aimed at increasing the transparency of tax settlements of the largest CIT taxpayers in Poland.

In the face of the progressing automation of processes, it is worth thinking about it in our own company and analyzing how CIT tax reporting can be improved in order to free up time for data analysis in return for its preparation.


descriptionAnnual automation of CIT settlements

The possibility of fully automatic calculation of the annual CIT liability (without the need to make manual reconciliations or calculations).

listDivision into sources of income

The possibility of qualification according to specific criteria of revenues to individual sources resulting from the provisions on CIT (the so-called baskets: general activity and capital gains).

assignmentTax calculations

For example, in connection with investment incentives / SEZ and the limitation of costs under Article 15c.

receiptDedicated reports

The ability to configure dedicated reports prepared according to individual criteria (e.g. report of car expenses, costs of modernization of fixed assets, expenses for R&D works).


The possibility of calculating the withholding tax liability and generating declarations according to the applicable formulas.


The ability to generate mass declarations for reporting payments covering services subject to withholding tax.


lockSecurity of settlements

You will reduce the risk of errors in calculations and reports and ensure the consistency of reported data.

scheduleTime saving and cost reduction

You will improve the reporting process by reducing its labor consumption, which will allow you to use human resources for other tasks.


You will create any reports, statements and simulations of tax information to gain a multi-level analysis of the company's accounting and tax data.


You test the quality and correctness of your data before generating declarations and other tax documents on its basis.


 You work with any amount of data, even for several entities, retrieved to the application automatically.


You will define your own calculation scheme, which can be corrected and updated on an ongoing basis.

Why should we be trusted?


We have supported the automation of tax reporting in several hundred companies.


We have implemented the Taxolite application for over 40 clients.


Our services have reached at least 500 companies, and several hundred users make us of the solutions offered.

Marcin Sidelnik

Systemic tax reporting is now an obligation and the result of cooperation between experts, organizations and tools.

Marcin Sidelnik, Partner PwC Polska


The price depends on...

The price of implementing the solution depends, among others from:

  • The number of entities covered by the implementation
  • The number of data sources
  • The data volume
  • Possible integration methods between the systems and the application
  • The level of complexity of the calculation (the number of adjustments, exclusions, additions)
  • The maintenance costs (license + technical support), which are paid annually and account for about 15-20% of the implementation cost

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