White list of VAT taxpayers - Bank account verification

A tool for mass payment verification and determining whether the recipient's account is included in the White List

How the Mass Payment Verification Tool works

The tool offered by PwC enables comprehensive service of the contractor verification process in order to eliminate the risk of sanctions.

The verification includes:

  • Determining whether the contractor is registered as an active VAT taxpayer.
  • Determining whether the bank account used by the counterparty is included in the list kept by the Ministry of Finance (the so-called White List).

    What regulations are imposed on entrepreneurs?

    The regulations impose on entrepreneurs the obligation to verify the bank accounts of contractors (active VAT taxpayers) to which payments are made within transactions with a value exceeding PLN 15,000. In case if the payment is made to a bank account not included in the list kept by the Ministry of Finance, the entrepreneur is exposed to significant sanctions:

    • The expense will not be considered as a tax deductible cost.
    • The buyer becomes jointly liable for the supplier's VAT obligations (in scope of the payment made).


      Verification of multiple transactions at the same time

      The tool allows users to verify the mass number of transactions in a simple automated way.

      Transparency of the data

      The tool works on the basis of readable and commonly used file formats.

      Technical support

      PwC provides technical support for the functioning of the tool.

      Identification of responsibilities

      Identification of obligations according to the current legal status. The tool is updated on an ongoing basis based on the introduced legal changes.

      Implementation process


      Agreement on technical requirements


      Providing the installation file


      A short tutorial on the tool