Debt Valuation Platform

Next generation valuation and benchmarking services for unquoted bonds, loans and other receivables

Powered by technology. Led by humans.

  • We provide assistance and support in:
    • valuation of loans, bonds or other receivables
    • risk analysis of companies and debt instruments
    • determining market rates on debt financing
  • We combine intelligent algorithms, the best market data and the experience of PwC professionals
  • We provide a ready-to-download report up to 3 business days

We can help you if you are planning to:

  • get to know and understand the market value of loans, bonds or other debt instruments
  • estimate or independently assess the fair value of a debt instrument in accordance with applicable accounting standards
  • raise new debt financing and compare proposed financial terms with the current market rates
  • execute debt transactions between related entities and determine whether the contemplated terms are consistent with the arm's length principle
  • perform recurrent valuations of debt instruments
  • determine the incremental borrowing rate for lease accounting

Why Debt Valuation Platform?

Time and money savings

  • complete valuation / analysis ready in just 3 working days
  • competitive prices

Proven methodology

  • statistically backed methodology in line with valuation and regulatory standards

Highest quality

  • sophisticated and back tested algorithms
  • highly experienced PwC practitioners
  • best-in-class market data


  • comprehensive report summarizing the methodology, basic assumptions, conclusions and sensitivity analyzes
  • credit risk analysis supported by market data (synthetic credit rating)

Support and help

  • highly experienced team of valuation experts ready to support you when needed


  • intuitive tools
  • full support in the process of providing services

Unique knowledge at your fingertips

  • Substantive and easy-to-understand conclusions
  • Detailed presentation of selected market benchmarks
  • Explanation of our methodology and calculations

3 steps to get the report:


Contact us via the contact form


Our experts, supported by intelligent algorithms, perform the required valuation or analysis


Your personalized report will be ready for download within 3 business days*

*Delivery time depends on the client acceptance process performed by PwC (the service itself takes up to 3 business days). PwC is committed to maintaining the highest standards, and for each potential client, will carry out internal customer acceptance procedures. Such verification process includes an independence and KYC (Know Your Customer) assessment.