Tax Relief Validation Tool

Simplifying the process of recording and settling R&D tax relief and 50% of the tax deductible costs for employees

How the Tax Relief Validation Tool works

In order to be able to safely benefit from the tax benefits, appropriate preparations are necessary. Collecting documentation and administering data requires a lot of human involvement, as there are no appropriate tools in organizations.

That is why the Tax Relief Validation Tool was created. This is a tool created by experts in the field of tax credits. Its purpose is to simplify the process of recording and settling R&D tax relief and 50% of the tax deductible costs for employees.

How does our Tax Relief Tool respond to the needs of your organization?

The Tax Relief Validation Tool is distinguished by a comprehensive approach to tax reliefs. The tool has functions for R&D relief and copyright (CR) structure. They can be chosen individually, together and in a consulting package.

Depending on the selected module, it is possible to:

  • Keeping records for the needs of research and development tax relief (R&D) and 50% of the costs of obtaining income for employees (CR).
  • Qualifying the project as a research and development project (R&D).
  • Verifying works (CR).
  • Monitoring employee involvement in projects and submitting works by employees.
  • Automatic generation of documentation for tax purposes.
  • Effective support in accounting for research and development relief and relief for innovative employees​.



    • Of works created by employees.
    • Of working time of employees involved in projects and / or R&D works.

    Generation of a "defense file"

    • Full record of working time, including a list of project cards.
    • A set of key data, if necessary, to be presented to the Tax Office


    Facilitating the work

    Facilitating the work of HR, payroll, finance and R&D teams.

    Reducing the risk

    Reducing the risk of undermining the value of eligible costs of R&D Relief or salaries covered by 50% of the Purchase Agreement.

    Automation of a process

    Automation of a process that has so far been complicated and time-consuming.

    Support from experienced advisers

    Our experiences advisers are ready to help you if needed.

    Is Tax Relief Validation Tool for me?

    Tax Relief Validation Tool can be used by clients who already benefit from R&D relief or increased tax-deductible costs for employees. PwC also offers the full implementation of R&D and Copyrights structure, an element of which may be the Tax Relief Validation Tool.