Retail chains in Poland - Monitoring tool

Micromarket Monitor

How the retail chain monitoring tool works

The Micromarket Monitor tool allows you to automatically track competitors’ movements and monitor the development of a given store format on a micro-scale. This enables the network expansion and marketing team to take tactical measures to increase their competitive advantage.


Competitive network expansion monitoring

The tool allows monitoring most of the networks in Poland: grocery chains, restaurants, pharmacies, kiosks, DIY stores, fashion stores, etc.

Viewing current network locations

The application allows browsing the current locations of the selected network from the map, as well as historical locations for several points in time. This allows for analysis of the expansion strategy of individual players.

Market saturation insights

The tool enables analysis of market saturation with a given format or brand at cities, counties, voivodeships. Saturation rates per population and per purchasing power level are published.


Data about competitors in one place

A complete database of competitive stores’ locations, along with the information on the population and purchasing power nearby.

Regular updates

Monthly updated data, allowing for dynamic response to the market changes.

Insight into historical data

Access to historical data on openings and closings to verify the strategies of each network.

Store opening alerts

An automated alert system that clearly shows which stores have been opened or closed over the past period.

Indicators showing saturation and market trends

Data exports

In addition to the data access in the form of an interactive dashboard, it is also possible to export data to CSV or XLS format.

Micromarket Monitor implementation process in 3 simple steps


Definition of the service scope

In a collective workshop we determine which store formats you would like to monitor. There is also a possibility to monitor foreign stores.


Tool calibration

Our team adapts the tool to your needs and grants access to selected users.


Launching the service

The tool is available to the users and the data it contains is updated on a monthly basis.

Pricing of the marketing network monitoring tool

Tool calibration

  • Fee for adjusting the tool to your needs
  • The choice of the geography and market sectors you want to monitor


One-time fee


Monthly Updates | 1 market segment

  • Fee for accessing the tool with monthly data updates
  • Semi-annual settlement - 4K PLN per month, or 24K PLN net for six months
  • The fee applies to one market segment, e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, etc


Monthly fee

Quarterly Updates | 1 market segment

  • Fee for access to the tool with quarterly data updates
  • Semi-annual settlement - 6K PLN for the quarter, i.e. 12K PLN for half a year
  • The fee applies to one market segment, e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, etc


Quarterly fee

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