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Real estate tax return

An application that allows you to significantly cut down the process of preparing real estate tax return

How the Real Estate Tax Tool works

  • Supports the taxpayer with the real estate tax calculation responsibilities.
  • Helps you systematize your taxable assets.
  • Ensures that tax rates are correct across all municipalities where the taxpayer owns      

How to generate the real estate tax return


Installation on user's computer

The application can be installed on the user's computer directly from the installation file, as soon as it is downloaded.


Entity data input

The first time you run it, the user will be asked to fill in the identification data of the entity for which the real estate tax return will be prepared.


Entry of land, structures and buildings data

To generate the real estate tax return, the application still needs to provide the data on land, structures and buildings to the excel file, which is a database of assets declared for taxation.


groupsHandling of multiple taxpayers

The application allows you to handle many entities which are liable for real estate tax.

editReal estate tax returns prepared for signing

Generated real estate tax returns can be signed with an electronic signature or traditionally.


format_list_bulletedData transparency

The application works on the basis of transparent excel files.

addUnlimited number of objects

A taxpayer can enter an unlimited number of objects into the application.

desktop_windowsDesktop application

The application works offline, which minimizes the risk of data leakage.

buildTechnical support

PwC provides technical support for the operation of the application.


alarmTime saving

All real estate tax returns can be generated in a flash.

doneCorrectness of settlements

The substantive correctness of the application is ensured by PwC.

homeTax rates for all municipalities

The application contains tax rates for all municipalities in Poland.

callThe address of the tax authorities

The application contains contact details of tax authorities.

Andrzej Jacek Jarosz

The nature of real estate tax forces taxpayers to search for tax rates for each municipality individually. Worth considering is the use of an application that allows to avoid this process and at the same time makes it possible to create in a simple way all real estate tax returns that a taxpayer is obliged to submit.

Andrzej Jacek Jarosz, Partner at PwC Polska


Price varies depending on the number of municipalities in which the taxpayer owns property. Prices above 500 municipalities will be determined on an individual basis.
Up to 30 municipalities
5 - 10K PLNAnnual fee
  • Access to the application for taxpayers who own properties in up to 30 municipalities
From 101 to 500 municipalities
20 - 30K PLNAnnual fee
  • Access to the application for taxpayers who own properties in 101 to 500 municipalities​

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