People Happiness Assessment Tool

A tool for building employee satisfaction and engagement

How People Happiness Assessment Tool works

People Happiness Assessment Tool is an application that enables effective, data-based management of the organization's human potential. It allows you to monitor key aspects of the work environment and its development in accordance with the needs of employees and business goals.


Configuration tailored to your needs

Data architecture customized to the company's organizational structure and key business processes. The application is designed to fit how the work is done, not the other way around.

The level of detail reflects the needs

The outcomes can be analyzed at the level of the Happiness Index - an overall result describing the level of satisfaction and engagement of employees, as well as we can deep-dive into the details of answers’ distribution to each question.

Personalized tips

For each manager whose team reaches the minimum required responses will receive a set of individualized tips that will help in working with subordinates.

Multi-level comparisons

We can compare results in many dimensions, looking for firm-wide challenges and separating them from the challenges of individual teams or managers


Data instead of intuition

Our solution helps in making decisions by providing reliable information and accurate recommendations. Thanks to the use of AI, we can look for nuances and details invisible at first glance.

A tool for team leaders

Our application is designed for the work of supervisors with their direct reports. We believe that this relationship is the basis for a friendly and stimulating work environment. Therefore, we have made every effort to make the application user-friendly and allow you to easily formulate appropriate action plans.

Analyses of vital issues

When developing our questionnaire, we prioritized the possibility of practical use of the results and translating them into concrete actions. Our questions concern manageable issues that can be addressed by the manager.

The scope of the survey meets the needs

People Happiness Assessment Tool is based on modules that correspond to the areas of various management challenges: satisfaction, commitment, loyalty, organizational culture, work organization and many others. We can also develop a module tailored to unique or particularly essential issues for the organization.



The price includes three design streams:

  • business and research stream
  • technological stream
  • change management and adaptation stream
Additionally, an annual fee for maintenance and license (from EUR 8 to 20 per user - the price depends on the number of users and the number of analyses per year).


One-off fee

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