Lease Manager

Managing leases & liabilities in accordance with IFRS 16

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Application for: management of leases and calculation of liabilities, assets, interests and depreciation under IFRS 16. Allows for quick gathering and reporting of all critical accounting information required for complete compliance with the new standard.

Full IFRS 16 compliance - implementation is delivered by a joint team of accounting, auditing, and IT experts.


Comprehensive statements

Based on the entered data, the tool performs calculations and generates: a statement of the value of assets, liabilities, interests and amortization of the right to use.

Fast modifications

In case of modifications of the lease contracts, the tool allows for their appropriate recording and required revaluation of the liability and the asset (taking into account the reduction of the lease scope or the early termination of the contract.

Easy contract recording

Either manually or imported from MS Excel (with an option to attach source documents as PDFs and other files).

A user-friendly interface

Allows for data modification during the lifetime of a contract. It is possible to view the details of each individual contract, view the history of changes for each contract, and export the details of all contracts.

Lease Manager in 5 easy steps


Easy contract recording

Either manually or imported from MS Excel (with an option to attach source documents as PDFs and other files).


A user-friendly interface

Which enables modifications of input data during contracts’ lifetime. Modifications of contracts can be traced and reported.


System data validation

Including verification of the completeness and consistency of the entered values.


Automatic calculation

Liabilities and the value of individual asset usage rights and interest and depreciation in separate liability and asset registers (taking into account indexation, rollover of indefinite-lived contracts, or wholesale management of the dismantling provision).


Comprehensive reporting

Ready for use in financial statement notes or for internal use, as well as the possibility to generate SAF-T for direct import into the accounting system.




Price includes:

  • Initial license fee
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Data validation and implementation of the tool along with its parametrization

    50 - 250K PLN

    Depending on number of: entities, users, lease contracts

    Annual renewal license fee

    • After year 1 an annual renewal license fee is required for as long as the client wants to use the tool
    • Annual renewal = 25% of initial license fee

    25% of initial license fee

    Annual fee (after year 1)

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