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KSeF e-invoice tool for organizations

Support for your company in implementing structured invoices

How the KSeF e-invoice tool works

The dedicated KSeF e-invoice tool allows for full and flexible adaptation to the upcoming changes without the need to adapt ERP systems or billing systems or change the key processes of integrating systems already implemented and functioning in the enterprise.

What will be the scope of data reported as part of e-Invoice?

The scope of data reported under the new form of invoice includes many additional, sometimes optional, elements different than in the case of a standard invoice, including:

  • Data contained in JPK_FA (4) and in JPK_V7 (the ranges of these data partly coincide), however, there are significant differences, e.g. in the manner of presentation. Example: Marking of GTU codes and some procedures at the invoice line level.
  • Detailed data on the terms of settlement and transactions - incl. INCOTERMS conditions used, type of transport used, carrier details, carrier details, cargo information.
  • Information on excise duties.
  • Additional annotations on invoices, WZ(the stock movement document) numbers.
  • Payment data - incl. marker informing whether a given payment has been made, date of payment, form of payment, bank account number.
  • Data on the transport of goods covered by the invoice - incl. carrier data, address of the place of shipment and destination, transport order number, date and time of start and end of transport.

Functionalities - Outgoing invoices module

receiptCreating structured invoices (xml)

Based on data imported from multiple source systems.

updateDedicated integration and logic
doneTechnical and logical validation of data
notificationsE-mail notifications to contractors
sendAutomated sending of structured invoices to the FSC

Functionalities - Incoming invoices module

descriptionObtaining structured invoices

Obtaining structured purchase invoices from the KSEF.

settingsFormat conversion

Converting the format of the received structured purchase invoice to a format that is readable by the ERP system or workflow system.

Technology - a key element in meeting new challenges

The technology will allow us to meet new obligations, optimize the process and prepare in time for the upcoming changes. Our KSeF e-invoice tool uses Microsoft Azure technology, which ensures easy availability of services for critical business processes, such as invoicing or receiving purchase invoices.

Available models

In both variants, we plan to provide the possibility of integration with the client's systems in order to load the data needed to create an invoice in xml format or to provide data back from the system. Various methods of integration: ETL, API, SAP connector.

On premise
  • The tool will be run on the client's server in the company's computer network
  • PwC provides the application, takes care of its security and updates
  • The client will be responsible for infrastructure, network issues, server security, licenses for additional software, e.g. database, access for PwC
  • The costs will include the software license, the cost of the support service and own costs, e.g. maintenance of the servers

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