Human resource management tool

Recruitment, data storage, contract monitoring and working time records

How the HR Toolkit works

HR Toolkit is a tool that supports human resource management within an organization. Starting from the recruitment process, to storing employee data, monitoring contracts and registering working time. Everything is in one place and fully adapted to your needs.

How does our tool respond to the needs of your organization?

  • HR Toolkit is distinguished by a comprehensive approach to handling the human resource management process.
  • Manage your HR globally from one place in the world. Get access to updated employee and contract data, absence and overtime control and manage the recruitment process.
  • The service is provided in the SaaS model with hosting on a dedicated PwC cloud in Microsoft Azure.
  • The tool enables employee self-service, access to personal data and register leave request and other types of absences.
  • The tool can be used by both Polish and foreign clients.

Additional information

The HR Platform can be sold as a separate tool in the SaaS service and as a part of the HR Admin service provided by the Center of Excellence (CoE) PwC PL.



Human resource management in one place.


The advantage is the service in the SaaS model on the Microsoft Azure which ensures data and application security.


High flexibility of the solution, fully configurable and tailored to the specific needs of the recipient and the specificity of a given country.