GDPR training for companies

E-learning on GDPR and data security

How does our online GDPR training work

Comprehensive online training on GDPR and data security for your employees, aiming at building and raising awareness of regulation requirements. Access to the training is possible through a web browser by using e-learning platform - your own or PwC's. 

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Thanks to GDPR e-learning, your employees will gain not only theoretical (legal) knowledge, but also practical knowledge necessary for their work and safe handling of personal data.

GDPR training elements on e-learning platform

Training structure and choice of specific subjects allow for gaining knowledge through analysis of real-life situations and accurate data delivered in an interactive form.

A comprehensive approach to raising awareness

Cybersecurity aspects

Useful tips for daily work


Engaging gamification and micro-tests

Training in Polish

Practical examples will help in daily situations

Even the most advanced system of data leakage prevention will not be effective if not-aware employees are causing data breaches. Training composed of practical examples will help employees understand how they should care for security and maintaining GDPR compliance in daily situations.

Course agenda

Training consists of six parts:




What is GDPR?


Personal data security


Personal data security and internet


Future is today


Knowledge check

Aspects of the course

  • Legal: supports appropriate recognition of personal data processing and indicates the primary duties in terms of processing them in compliance with GDPR requirements.

  • Organisational: using practical examples describes good and bad practices regarding processes organisation and work environment, showing employees and employer the best practices in terms of personal data protection.

  • Technological/Cybersecurity: indicates how the devices and software used may contribute to a breach of the GDPR provisions, what protective measures should be taken to reduce the risk of such situations and recommends ways to reduce the risk of data leakage and theft using systems, IT applications, social networks, indicating what technical measures can strengthen data security when using the Internet. 

  • It takes 1 to 2 hours to complete the training including the test. It should be performed at least once by each of your company employees whose daily duties include personal data procesing.

GDPR and data security online training distinguishes thanks to


Clear, aesthetic and intuitive interface.


Practical examples and exercises speak to employees imagination.

Real data

Real market data (e.g. Eurostat) help to understand the scale and character of challenges in data protection.


Form and content applicable for small and big companies.

Pricing of GDPR and data security e-learning