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GDPR Compliance Software

Supporting your organization in ensuring compliance with the GDPR

GDPR Software for enhancing efficiency of DPO's activities

Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool supports the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in daily duties related to compliance with the GDPR requirements, risk analysis in the context of data protection and maintaining and monitoring company’s compliance with the regulation.

The whole area of GDPR incorporated comprehensively in one tool - from data inventory to documentation repository.

  • We ensure quick and easy access, knowledge centralisation, completeness of performed analysis and ability to demonstrate accountability to the supervisory authority.
  • As the only ones on the market along with a tool itself, we also provide ready-to-use methodologies of risk assessment (DPIA) and data breaches assessment, adjusted to the implementation of legal requirements and based on the best practices.


The application we offer is the answer to the biggest challenges of personal data protection, ensuring accountability of the organization's activities. We help adapting to GDPR requirements from the perspective of all areas - legal, organisational, and IT/security. Our interdisciplinary team of experts offers complete support in the deployment of the tool.

searchRisk analysis and DPIA

Perform preliminary risk analysis and DPIA using a predefined threat catalog. Analysis results are visible in the dashboard.

perm_identityRecord of processing activities

Maintaining a register of personal data processing activities carried out currently, in the past or yet to be planned. Complete integration with risk analysis.

groupsProcessor's and data recipients registers

Management of relationships with data recipients and entities entrusting data processing and storing key information about them in one place.

workAutomated workflow of tasks

Management and delegation of tasks resulting from the conducted risk analysis and aimed at achieving an acceptable level of risk by the organization.

assignmentDocuments management

Maintaining a repository of legal and organisational documentation (policies, procedures, process map, gap analysis, templates, etc.).

not_interestedData breaches management

Automated methodology for assessing the risk of violation of rights and freedoms of the entities allows for quick and accurate decisions on possible notification of the entities and the authority.

gavelEntity Rights Management

Facilitates the accountability principle by: registering entities' requests for the realization of their rights and documenting communications with data subjects.

bookIndividual DPO's log

Documentation of additional Data Protection Officer's activities enhancing organisation's GDPR compliance.

Process automation

  • Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool is featured with a special dashboard that presents key information about the current and target data protection risk profile and tasks to be implemented.
  • Automatically generated risk matrices and reports, built-in DPIA methodology and breach assessment methodology help DPOs in their daily tasks.
  • Tasks log allows for automatic completion and easy tracking of actions to be performed.

Benefits of our GDPR software

Control, security and accountability

Easy management of GDPR compliance and the whole documentation. Accountability rule fulfilment thanks to designed dedicated functionalities and built-in methodologies.


Increased efficiency and support for DPOs in their daily tasks through a designed workflow system, automated risk analysis, built-in threat catalog and automatic report generation.


Support your organization's Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) with specially designed functionality and a standardized process approach.

DPO Tool deployment process

  • Implementation of cloud version takes only 1 day and includes granting your team an appropriate access to the tool.
  • Preparation of an environment for implementing an on-premise version requires close cooperation with us. On our side, we guarantee:

Tool installation

Duration: 1 day


Documentation customization and data import

Duration: 4 days


Conducting a dedicated training

Duration: 3-4 hours

Pricing of GDPR software

  • The prices given below concern two models of the tool maintenance: using the company's infrastructure (On Premise) and in SaaS model (Cloud).
  • In each model licence fee assumes that the software may be used by one legal entity and maximum of 100 users.
  • Price includes dedicated training on tool functionalities. Additional consulting services can be purchased to perform DPIA analyses.
On premise
55K PLN one-off fee+ 5K PLN annually
  • Installation (includes import of data and training):
    50K PLN
  • One-off fee for licence generation:
    5K PLN
  • Annual licence fee:
    5K PLN
  • Optional support services:
    2K PLN annually

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