Financial statements - Automation tool

For financial statements and other reports

How does myReporting work

myReporting was created with the idea that the reports prepared in MS Word format would be automatically updated with each change of the source data contained in the MS Excel file (tables, individual cells, charts).

What problems does our tool solve

  • The need to transfer data to a separate tool to generate xml financial statements.
  • Repeatable preparation of a variety of reports in Word.
  • The necessity to update reports multiple times due to the changes in the source data.
  • Time-consuming data entry into a report in MS Word format.
  • Multiplying batch data depending on the prepared report.


Convenient preparation of financial statements

In the format for financial statements prepared in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act, and it is planned to expand its functionality by creating reports in the XBRL format.

Data update in any report

The tool allows very intuitive data connection between any Excel and Word files, then updating all data or selected tables or even individual words in the Word file.

Compatibility with report consolidation tool

Excel files with data for financial statements can also be used as group packages by our other tool - eConsolidation.

Electronic financial statements in myReporting XML

  • The possibility of preparing financial statements based on the same files and data in both traditional and electronic form (.xml format for submission to the National Court Register).
  • The tool contains templates of Excel and Word files based on the financial statements template according to the Accounting Act and in line with the logical structure required by the Ministry of Finance.
  • The files contain many useful functionalities, e.g. formulas that check the mathematical consistency and compliance with the logical structure.
  • The tool also allows to open and read reports in .xml format.


Data consistency

Individual financial statement line items are mapped to the chart of accounts. This ensures that the financial statement is consistent with the source data.

Fast updates

With just one click, all tables, dates, numbers and descriptions in the report in Word and XML are automatically updated with the changes in the source data.

Total control

The controls built into the tool allow to check whether the data in the financial statements is consistent with the data in the disclosure notes to financial statements.


It is possible to adjust the template of the financial statements in terms of data and format to the individual needs of the company.