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Customs training

For small, medium-sized & large companies

We offer dedicated trainings and workshops for companies in the area of import and export of goods

  • The workshops are conducted by experts with extensive practical knowledge.
  • We adjust the scope and level of training.
  • We meet the needs of small, medium-sized and large companies.
  • We are willing to expand the subject matter of our services with new needs on the market in order to meet the customer's needs comprehensively. 
  • We conduct our trainings for small teams as well as for entire departments, either remotely or in person.

Select what you will learn from the training

Before the workshop you decide which issues we will focus on during the workshop. The most important ones are listed below. You will receive all materials after the workshop.

storeTariff classification
  • How to carry out the tariff classification of goods
  • General rules of the Combined Nomenclature
  • Legal basis of goods tariff classification
  • Sources of knowledge about classification
  • Consequences of incorrect classification, including related areas (VAT, excise duty, intrastat, etc.)
  • BTI - Binding Tariff Information (and WIS and WIA)
euro_symbolCustoms value of goods
  • Current customs legislation, judgments and guidelines, Polish and EU
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, you will also gain practical skills in the correct determination of the customs value of goods
languageCustoms procedures
  • Basic and special customs procedures available
  • How to carry out the analysis: benefits versus obligations and costs, savings versus risks
  • How to obtain permissions and which are interrelated
  • Best practice and nuances on how to achieve full benefits and reduce costs and risks
  • The latest changes in legislation
  • Understanding the rules and regulations for completing and reporting Intrastat declarations
  • Learning how to access and use the PUESC customs and treasury portal
  • Preparing Intrastat declarations through exercises on particular examples of goods turnover
gavelEU customs law and related regulations
  • Familiarize with the amended provisions of the Act, obligations and procedures related to documenting foreign trade in goods and changes in customs regulations
  • Rules of functioning of customs law in Poland and in the EU, documents in goods exchange, elements used in customs clearance
searchOrigin of goods
  • Information about the applicable legal provisions related to the correct determination of the origin of goods in international trade
  • Preferential and non-preferential origin, how to distinguish, how to calculate
  • Rules, examples and best practice on the origin of goods
  • Related rules, non-customs restrictions, non-tariff restrictions, tax consequences
question_answerOther Issues (for individual valuation)
  • We can also prepare training on other customs and tax issues
  • Before the workshop, we will set the agenda together
  • We provide training courses prepared on request, consisting of selected topics and in an agreed level of difficulty (basic level, advanced level)
  • We work on a wide range of topics related to trade in goods, including customs law, VAT, excise and environment, including SENT, CE, REACH, etc.

Chief expert

Marcin Majewski

I am a customs agent with 10 years' experience in the field of customs and logistics, including managing a customs agency. Within the framework of PwC, I assist companies in relations with customs and fiscal authorities in the context of domestic and international trade in goods. I am also a specialist in customs procedures and authorisations, including: AEOs, regularity of charges and deferral of customs and VAT payments.

Marcin Majewski, Customs and International Trade Expert at PwC Polska

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for training?

Please fill in the application form.

Does the training end with a certificate?

Yes, each participant receives a certificate confirming participation in the training.

What is the minimum number of training participants?

There is no minimum number of participants. The cost per training session for the entire group is fixed.

Do we receive training materials?

Yes, we provide training materials in electronic form.

Can you prepare a training that is not in your offer?

On request we can prepare a training course on a subject of your interest.


One selected module takes 3-4 hours at basic level or 2-3 hours at advanced level, including breaks and Q&A session.

We are able to implement a maximum of 2 modules in 1 working day, in case of choosing more than one module they should be implemented on adjacent working days, e.g. 2 modules on Thursday and 1 module on Friday

1 Module
5K PLNOne-off fee
  • Conducting a training.
  • Providing materials presented during the training.
  • Certificate of completion of the workshop.
2 Modules
8K PLNOne-off fee
  • Conducting a training.
  • Providing materials presented during the training.
  • Certificate of completion of the workshop.
3 or more Modules
3,5K PLN (for 1 Module)One-off fee
  • Conducting a training.
  • Providing materials presented during the training.
  • Certificate of completion of the workshop.
Other Topics module
Individual pricingOne-off fee
  • Conducting a training.
  • Providing materials presented during the training.
  • Certificate of completion of the workshop.

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