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Customs tariff codes (CN)

A search tool that helps fulfill obligations and avoid fines

Watch the video and find out how Customs tariff codes Finder may help you

Our Tool is helpful for everyone who: purchases, consumes, produces, distributes various types of products.

The CN codes Verifier specifies whether:

  • Is it necessary to pay excise duty and in what amount? 
  • Is reporting in the SENT system mandatory?
  • Does the entered CN code imply an obligation to pay fuel duty or emission fee?
  • Does the purchase of goods with a specific CN code involve keeping the mandatory fuel stocks?
  • Is it necessary to have an energy license? 
  • Is it necessary to make an entry in the register of importing entities?

High fines for violation of obligations

Our experience shows that an unexpectedly large number of entities are not aware of the fact that their business has obligations specified in: the Excise Duty Act, the Energy Law, the Act on monitoring of transport of sensitive goods (SENT), Act on fuel stocks, act regulating the fuel surcharge.

Even if at first glance it seems that these regulations do not apply to many entities due to the type of business conducted, the reality may be completely different.

Few people are aware that purchasing even small quantities of lubricating oils from abroad involves, for example:

  1. Registration for excise duty purposes.
  2. Submitting excise duty declarations.
  3. Payment of excise duty.
  4. Entering in the register of importing entities.
  5. Submitting monthly reports thereon.

Violation of the above obligations may result not only in high fines, but also in personal criminal and fiscal responsibility. Our Tool helps to mitigate this risk.


searchRisk identification

Quick identification of the risks associated with the obligations assigned to CN codes.

remove_red_eyeIdentification of obligations

Identification of obligations according to the current legal and historical status. The Tool is updated regularly based on the introduced legal changes.

folderReports generation

Generating and e-mailing a report on the obligations assigned to the CN codes.

languageCollective verification

Conducting collective verification of obligations of several CN codes simultaneously.

add_alertLegal alerts

Weekly alerts about planned and binding changes in the law (in terms of regulations covered by the Tool). This allows for ongoing monitoring of legal changes and preparation for their entry into force.


Our Tool will help you to: be aware of, comply with the regulations and be in control of your responsibilities. This will help minimize the risk of punishment.


Database of obligations from various legal regulations covered by the tool all in one place.

Risk mitigation

Quick identification of risks associated with the obligations assigned to CN codes.

Access to current and historical data

Identification of obligations according to current as well as historical legal status. The tool is continuously updated based on the legal changes.


Possibility of conducting collective verification of several hundred CN codes simultaneously.

Finger on the pulse

Weekly legal alerts allow you to keep track of legal changes and prepare for their entry into force.

Marzena Michałeczko

Due to the number of legal regulations, entrepreneurs find it more and more difficult to identify specific regulations that could affect their business. With our tool you can quickly check whether the goods of a specific CN code are subject to obligations in terms of: excise duty, energy regulations, fuel stocks, emission charge, fuel surcharge or SENT.

Marzena Michałeczko, Tax Manager at PwC Polska

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Tool?

Any entity that, in the course of a business activity: produces, purchases, sells, consumes products with specific CN codes.

How often is the Tool updated?

The Tool is updated when legal changes affect the content of the data contained in the Tool.

What are the technical requirements for the correct running of the Tool?

The Tool is based on Microsoft Corporation platforms: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft PowerApps, cMicrosoft Flow and selected Microsoft Azure services.

How will alerts be sent?

Alerts are sent weekly to the e-mail addresses provided when receiving the Tool.

Can I use the Tool on a mobile phone?

Yes, our Tool also has a mobile version.

Pricing of the CN code Verifier

30K PLNOne-off fee | The price depends on the complexity of the implementation
  • Support of PwC experts during implementation
  • Access to the database created by PwC for each CN code (in terms of regulations covered by the Tool)
  • Access to the mobile version of the Tool
Service model without tool installation
500 PLN
  • Sending three verification reports monthly for a given CN code in response to a customer's inquiry (based on the current or historical wording of the regulations)
  • The remuneration for each subsequent verification report exceeding the monthly limit is PLN 200 net

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