Customs origin calculation tool

Automation and optimization of the process of monitoring the origin of goods

How does Customs Origin Tracker work?

The first product on the market that includes a number of comprehensive functions that facilitate work. That is all thanks to the automation of calculation, optimize the monitoring of the origin of goods, minimize the risk associated with the origin declaration and generate huge savings for companies thanks to the automation of calculations.


Automation of calculations

The tool allows you to automate labor-intensive processes by retrieving the necessary information from your company's systems.

Savings portfolio

The mechanism of the tool allows you to increase the margin for your company, while minimizing the costs incurred by the customer.

Minimization of work, errors and regulatory risks

Automatic data analysis and calculations, which simultaneously reduces the workload and increases its reliability.

Archiving of documentation

Ensures security in the event of inspection, avoiding the risk of loss or destruction of documents, quick access to evidence and its presentation when necessary.

E-mail communication

 Simple control over the declared origin, minimizing the risk of negligence and keeping documents up-to-date.

Improving cooperation with suppliers and customers

Automating customs processes will help your company pursue more business. 

Implementation process

Preparation of an environment for implementing an on-premise version requires close cooperation with us. On our side, we guarantee:


Tool installation


Documentation customization and data import


Conducting a dedicated training


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