CUK-1 Form - Generation tool

Converting data into a form that is reportable to authorities and calculating the sugar levy

Sugar Levy Converter (SLC)

Simple reporting in the sugar levy

Sugar Levy Conventer (SLC) allows to generate CUK information independently. Having the data required by the Polish Public Health Act, by using our tool it is possible to easily and intuitively calculate the amount of tax liability. The tool allows users to import data from an external source, edit them and generate CUK information in xml format.

Obligation of cyclical calculation of the sugar levy enters into force

Due to the entry into force of the provisions on the foodstuffs levy, taxpayers are obliged to periodically submit  information about the levy, including, i.a., information on the amount of individual components of the levy and on documents accompanying the transactions, in connection with which the obligation to calculate the levy arises.

The necessary data for correct preparation of information about the levy comes from dispersed sources, collecting and proper processing of them into the form imposed by the tax authorities is a real challenge for entrepreneurs.


Import of the data

The tool allows to import the necessary data for generating CUK information from an external data source and their further editing in order to calculate the sugar levy in accordance with the requirements resulting from the regulations.

CUK information

SLC allows to independently generate CUK information in xml format, the obligation of which is provided by the provisions of the Public Health Act, even in the case of a massive amount of data that requires processing.

Fee amount

SLC enables automated and intuitive calculation of the tax liability (sugar levy).

Identification of responsibilities

Identification of obligations according to the current legal status. The tool is updated on an ongoing basis based on the introduced legal changes.

How to easily generate CUK-1 using our tool?

The whole process consists of 4 stages.

  1. Entering the necessary data to generate the CUK-1 declaration, i.e. taxpayer's data and information about the declaration.
  2. Entering data regarding products using a generated template or manually.
  3. Generating a template which needs to be supplemented with information about delivery / purchase invoices.
  4. Completing all three steps allows to generate the CUK-1 declaration in xml format. This declaration is ready to be loaded and submitted via the ministerial gate.


Time saving for the implementation of reporting processes

All you need to do is load a file containing specified data and SLC will do the rest of the work for you.

Transparency of the data

The tool works on the basis of readable and commonly used file formats.

Archivization of the data

Your sugar levy data are collected in one place.

Automatization of the calculation

The tool allows to improve the process of calculating the sugar fee, and thus allows for significant time savings related to the implementation of statutory obligations.

Implementation without interfering with other systems

The tool is independent from accounting and financial systems and does not require any changes.

Fulfillment of statutory obligations

As the tool is constantly updated in terms of compliance with applicable regulations, when using the SLC the user does not have to independently assess the impact of changing regulations on the scope of statutory obligations.

Implementation process


Agreement on technical requirements


Providing the installation file


A short tutorial on the tool