Contract management tool

Application supporting the management of contracts, powers of attorney and disputes

How the Contract Management Tool works

The Contract Management Tool supports the management of contracts and disputes in an organization

  • The CMT allows you to easily assign information to contracts and it presents dependencies between contracts, proxies and disputes in an intuitive way.
  • The system also sends necessary notifications, e.g. about tasks that have been assigned to users.
  • All electronic documents such as scans, templates, drafts can also be attached to the respective contracts and stored within the tool to facilitate the centralization of knowledge


Create contract register

Create a library of contracts in your organization and classify them as needed thanks to customizable settings.

Create dependencies

Assign contracts to proxies, disputes or claims. Provide constant monitoring of disputes and claim statuses in an easier way.

Assign Tasks

Organize work related to stored documentation, prioritize tasks and track progress.

Centralized knowledge

Management and delegation of tasks resulting from the priorly conducted risk analysis and aimed at achieving a risk level acceptable for the organization.

Document Repository

  • Contract Management Tool is equipped with a centralized document repository, which enables safe storage and management of documents.
  • The possibility to customize the repository by creating your own areas and categories of documents makes it easier to utilize the tool.
  • Quick option of searching any file by name or category guarantees convenient access to documents at any time.

Contract Management Tool implementation process

  • The implementation takes only 1 day. The implementation is about granting appropriate access to the tool.


Tool installation

Duration: 1 day


Conducting a dedicated training

Duration: 3-4 hours